Thursday, March 15, 2018

My Website Migration: And Then There Were Three

The One-Minute Version

All my new stuff is right here at ... WORTH SHARING
All my archived stuff is at ... PM Resources or 

I've closed down two websites ("The Best Free Training" & "Project Management FREEBIES") and I have frozen, but kept available in archived form, two websites ("Michael Greer's PM Resources" & "Inspired Project Teams (archived as "INSPIRATIONS"). I will continue to publish all my new articles, PDFs, podcasts, videos, etc. here at this website, Mike Greer's WORTH SHARING.

Click below to check out my other two sites: 

Go to Michael Greer's PM Resources Archives

Go to INSPIRATIONS... archives.

The Extended Version: Of Hackers & My Quest for Quality of Life

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Inspirations: An Archived Collection to Motivate & Bring Peace of Mind

Beyond Project Teams:
A Collection of Inspirations for Everyone

This month I've begun working in earnest toward the goal I set nearly 5 years ago with the birth of this website, WORTH SHARING. I've begun the formal archiving of all my legacy websites.

First to be wrapped up: my Inspired Project Teams collection. The podcasts and matching exercises presented at this site were always a bit too expansive for their nominal use as tools for project teams. While they certainly support project teams, they are also well-suited to encouraging the personal growth and peace of mind of any individual. Drawing on the wisdom of so many great philosophers and psychologists, it's inevitable that this collection would transcend the practical, team-based performance tools that I typically create.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Overwhelmed by Angst? “Spit on Your Hands & Get Busy!” (Including a Quick Start Guide to Banishing Angst)

An increasingly hostile planetary climate, political insanity and gridlock, random acts of violence and terrorism, economic uncertainty, the threat of nuclear conflict… There are plenty of real-life demons loose in our world to generate that immobilizing feeling of deep anxiety or dread that the German’s call angst. And we’re all likely to experience it from time to time.

But here’s the question: Will you be frozen in place and succumb to this angst or will you reach inside yourself and connect with your passion to meet the angst head-on and defeat it?
It’s my purpose here to motivate you, through the wisdom shared by a few great minds, to take action — and, through this action, to pull yourself out of your musty ol’ funk. In the process, you might just make the world a better place!