Monday, April 26, 2021

Some New Graffiti on the Wall of the Universe: All My Stuff at Internet Archive

In my preceding article, Internet Archive: To Capture & Store & Share All Human Knowledge (Seriously!!), I introduced the Internet Archive as that incredibly ambious effort to make certain that humanity's digital heritage is captured and preserved. In the intervening weeks I have acquired my own free Internet Archive account and have uploaded bunches of my own publications that I want to make sure are preserved. So now, should Google (this website's current host) or YouTube or Vimeo decide that they no longer want to host these materials on the web, they will still be available for anyone to find and download, absolutely free, from Internet Archive. 

A Complete List of My Internet Archive Publications

Specifically, I have uploaded 5 complete books in PDF form, as well as many individual essays, worksheets and other tools. In addition, you'll find complete videos and audios available to play or download. And it's all absolutely free! Click on the image of the Internet Archive document below to find a complete, categorized list of all this stuff. NOTE: Scroll down/left to the "Description" of this document in its Archive listing to find active links to individual items.

To browse through the entire collection of my (so far..) 86 Internet Archive items, a bit jumbled and not categorized, go to:  

Note that when you are at this collection you can scroll down to find a set of Filters and other menu items that will allow you to focus only on videos, only on text documents, etc. (See below.)

As you can see from this filtered list, I have thus far uploaded 48 text items (books, PDF articles, tools), 25 movies (videos), and a dozen audios. In addition, you can locate specific types of items based on tags, such as project management, team building, etc. by using these filters.

Just Looking for The PM Minimalist Stuff?

Below is a list (fully linked) of all my PM Minimalist materials that are available for free through the Intenet Archive. (For your convenience, I've pulled this out of the main "Complete List..." above.) I've included everything you need to teach yourself about (or create a two-day workshop on) Project Management Minimalism. So if you are just interested in the PM Minimalist stuff, see below!



  • Audios (as referenced in “The People Stuff” section of The PM Minimalist book)



So that's it! If I should depart the planet tomorrow and Google or Vimeo or YouTube decides to ditch my labored-over publications, I am comforted to know that future scholars of project management, instructional design, team building, personal growth, etc. will be able to follow my digital audit trail at the Internet Archive and use some of my stuff as a springboard for their own creations. And if my grandkids (or my grandkids' grandkids!) are able to get something useful out of any of this material then that would be a real plus as well.  Thank you, Internet Archive!