Friday, June 28, 2019

On Sabbatical: Returning Soon

I am currently taking an extended break from updating this website. I intend to return in a few months. In the meantime, check out the collections in the tabs above (All Blog Posts, The PDF Collection, etc.) or consider poking around the archives.  

Two Sites Archived: Thousands of Items & Links to Explore!

At my PM Resources Archives you'll find lots of free stuff, including Project Management-oriented blog posts, worksheets, checklists, tools, podcasts, videos, as well as links to my journal articles and books. In addition, you'll find an entire collection of materials on Project Management Minimalism and managing Instructional Design & Development projects. You can check it out here

Check out my "PM Resources Archives" for LOADS
of Project Management tools, videos, links & more!

At my INSPIRATIONS... site you'll find lots of materials to inspire yourself or your project team to "optimize your attitude" and "maximize your results."  Specifically, you'll find inspirational podcasts with matching performance-based exercises, videos, articles and other "odds and ends" that can help bring you peace of mind and greater productivity. And if you want to, you can download the humongous (and FREE) "Inspired Project Teams Coaching Guide (58-pages & 5 hours of audio)  You can check out the INSPIRATIONS... website here.

archived collection of podcasts, exercises & more!