Wednesday, October 25, 2023

My Three Websites: A Lot of Stuff Worth Sharing

My websites: 1 active & 2 archived ("frozen")

Over five years ago I launched this website, Mike Greer's WORTH SHARING. In doing so, I decided to "freeze" a couple of my other websites in order to focus on more eclectic, wide-ranging topics that sparked my interest. At the same time, I wanted to make sure that all the content previously assembled for helping new project managers and their teams would remain easily accessible. 

The bottom line: All my new stuff is available right here at my WORTH SHARING website, while PM resources and inspirational tools and media for teams remain available at the two "frozen" sites. At the time of the "freezing" I explained the distinctions here.

Today, the only way you might know that these sites still exist (and that they have good stuff to share!) is if you happen to see the understated menu links under "Go to My Other Websites" on this site's home screen. So, in case you missed them, I hereby re-introduce you to my three websites, all of which include good stuff worth sharing!  Enjoy!