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Here's a list of all the blog posts published here at Mike Greer's WORTH SHARING. They're organized into four main categories:
  • Life Support: Tools & Strategies to Help You Take Charge lists articles and resources (tools, worksheets, websites, etc.) that could help you stay healthy & deal with the world's challenges (some political!) in a more effective way. 
  • Tech Tools will connect you with my articles on valuable tech tools I've used & recommend. 
  • Inspirations: Optimize Your Attitude, Maximize Your Results has links to material that can enlighten, inspire and help you shift your perspective for better results.
  • Project Management Resources for Teams & Families has links to practical tools & info that can help anyone who's trying to manage a project at work or with your family.
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Life Support: Tools & Strategies to Help You Take Charge

Tech Tools

Inspirations: Optimize Your Attitude, Maximize Your Results

Project Management Resources for Teams & Families

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