Monday, January 8, 2018

Free Management eBooks: A Comprehensive Collection of References and Tools for Managers [links]

[This post was originally published in 2014. The site my have moved, so please search for latest URL.]

If you’re a busy new manager, struggling to keep your organization running smoothly, the last thing you need is a time-consuming class filled with esoteric management theories.

In fact, you need just the opposite. Your dream-come-true would be to have your own, private management expert available on “stand-by” so you can get quick answers to the problems you encounter, as you encounter them. And you’d want these answers to be highly-focused, succinct and immediately usable.
Can’t afford to have that expert on stand-by? Then Free Management eBook’s collection of free ebooks and tools is the next best thing!  

Here’s what makes this collection so great: 
  • The collection is comprehensive:  It covers everything a new manager might face, ranging from personal productivity (managing interruptions & delegating) to finance (accounting, cash flow, etc.) to project management, leadership, running meetings, conducting performance appraisals, and much more! In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find something in your local MBA program that isn’t covered, at least in introductory form, in this collection!  [Special note to project managers and PMP candidates: PMI’s PMBOK knowledge framework is well-represented in this collection!]
  • The items in the collection are lean and focused.  Consisting of over 100 brief ebooks, worksheets and reference tools, the collection is organized into “bite sized” chunks, each of which is targeted at a specific skill to be acquired or problem to be solved. The result: You don’t waste time. Instead you get “just enough” information to improve each specific skill you decide to improve or to handle that immediate problem you face at work.
  • The items in the collection are performance-based. In addition to  just enough background information to help you understand the practical uses of the concepts, there are matching worksheets, checklists, or other tools that help you to apply your new knowledge immediately to your specific management situation. These tools are structured so that they subtly guide you through management best practices that will help you immediately ramp up your own on-the-job performance.
I was so impressed by this collection that I decided to create a brief video tour.

Check it out below, then go to Free Management eBooks and download that little gem that will make your make your management sparkle!