Thursday, March 21, 2019

Acorn TV: Netflix for Grownups!

If you like the kind of smart, articulate dramas, mysteries, comedies and documentaries that we typically find on America's PBS stations, you'll love Acorn TV!  For just $4.99 a month (You can quit anytime...) Acorn TV will let you stream and binge-watch some of the best British, Australian, Canadian and Irish TV series and stand-alone films!  

Acorn by the Numbers

Here's a quick count of what's available on Acorn TV as of this date:  

  • Dramas: 120+  (Our favorite series so far: The Indian Doctor, Heart Guy, Wild at Heart, A Place to Call Home)
  • Mysteries: 70+ (Our favorite series so far: Republic of Doyle, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Vexed, Murdoch Mysteries)
  • Comedies: 35+ (Our favorite series so far:  Doc Martin & The Detectorists)
  • Irish Tales: 15 series or films (Examples: Jack Taylor, The Clinic, Finding Joy, Murphy's Law)
  • Documentaries: 69 (Examples: My Welsh Sheepdog, Hidden Coastal Villages, Joseph Campbell: The Hero's Journey, How to Look at a Painting, [U.S.] Civil War: The Untold Story, Lost Kingdoms of Africa, Lords & Ladles [cooking], Genius of the Modern World, Pubs that Built Britain, The Story of Women & Power)
  • Foreign Language: 15 so far from France, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, & more (Examples: The Oldenheim Twelve, The Ladies Paradise, Scomparsa, Vidago Palace, Black Widows)
  • (NOTE: There are over 120+ series or movies that are listed as "Only on Acorn."  So don't look for this stuff on Netflix or Hulu!)

A Sampler: Links to Some of Our Acorn TV Favorites

To help you start exploring, I've linked directly from the screenshots of a few of the Acorn TV series listings below. These are our favorites so far!

 Check out Heart Guy on Acorn
Check out Heart Guy on Acorn
 Check out Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Acorn
Check out Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Acorn
Check out A Place to Call Home on Acorn

The Official Description from Acorn TV

Here's the official description from Acorn's FAQ, "What is Acorn TV?"

"Acorn TV is a subscription streaming service that offers world-class mysteries, dramas, comedies, and documentaries, all commercial-free. Acorn TV’s library includes hard-to-find gems, timeless classics, and newly discovered favorites from Britain, Ireland, Australia, and beyond. You can binge-watch fan favorites like Doc Martin, A Place to Call Home, Murdoch Mysteries, The Brokenwood Mysteries, Midsomer Murders, and Foyle’s War, as well as Acorn TV Originals you can’t stream anywhere else, including Agatha Raisin, Loch Ness, Striking Out, and Detectorists. New shows are added weekly, so there’s always something to watch! Browse our library here:

Acorn TV offers two options: a monthly subscription ($4.99/month) and an annual subscription ($49.99/year).

My Final Pitch: Why We Love Acorn!

For years, my wife and I have been spending our evenings all over the English-speaking globe. Through British, Irish, Canadian and Australian TV productions, we've visited the plains of Africa, Victorian Canada, Australian mining towns and ranches and cities, and the rocky coast of Cornwall, England, to name just a few. In these beautiful and sometimes exotic places, we've watched powerful dramas, goofy comedies and enlightening documentaries. The characters in these programs are smart, quirky, articulate and (best of all!) they're not the flat, predictable American TV characters going through the same formulaic plots. 

So do yourself (and your aesthetic sensibilities!) a big favor. Take Acorn TV for a one-month test drive. At $4.99 what have you got to lose? You can pay by the month & cancel at any time. (And NO... I am not in any way compensated by or associated with Acorn TV except as an enthusiastic subscriber!)