Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Got downtime? Teach yourself project management with these free videos and tools!

The Situation: You've Got Lots of Down Time & A Great Big Brain to Feed!

As noted in my last article, the vast majority of my fellow Americans -- indeed, people from all over the world -- have been stopped in their tracks by the COVID-19 pandemic. We've been asked to stay home from our jobs and schools and generally "hide out" at home to help stop the spread of this horrible and deadly disease. And you can only spend so much time on YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, etc. until you go numb! So why not teach yourself something valuable so that when you emerge from your cave... and you will eventually emerge!... you will have some "added value" in the workplace?  And project management (PM) is one skill set that provides lots of value in almost any industry!

The Overall Approach: Keep It Simple... Become a PM Minimalist! 

Project Management (PM) Minimalism is the practice of doing “just enough” PM to get the job done, and no more. PM Minimalism may be applied to any project in any industry or professional practice. It's up to you to decide what “just enough” PM is for your particular project, in your unique organization. The Project Management Minimalist: Just Enough PM to Rock Your Projects! provides lean, simple, and professional-level PM tools and guidelines to help you make this decision and run a Minimalist project. (*NOTE: Amazon, my book distributor, won't let me list this book in their catalog at a price of $0.00 [FREE!], as I would like to do. So I set it up for sale at the absolute minimum price they allow, which is $2.99 for the Kindle, $6.99 paperback. But honestly -- you don't need to buy the book to get a whole bunch of valuable stuff that you can use to teach yourself PM Minimalism.... See below...)

The Video Series: An In-depth Overview of PM & PM Minimalism

These free videos are short and sweet and matched to the book... but you don't need the book to get a lot out of them! They'll allow you to just kick back and ease into project management and PM Minimalism.

The PM Minimalist Support System & Freebies (Lotsa Good Stuff!)

Inspired by the videos to go a little deeper? This is a HUGE collection of mostly free stuff to help you learn and apply PM Minimalism, coach/lead your project team and even create a do-it-yourself PM Minimalist workshop. There are PDF reference tools, audios, coaching guides and all sorts of useful materials to help anyone who is new to PM get their project up and running immediately.