Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Too confused to VOTE? Get fast, accurate info on local candidates, issues & where/how to vote.

This article will help you:
  1. Quickly get accurate info on any candidate or issue that is on your ballot. (i.e., Eliminate confusion about the candidate or issue.)
  2. Quickly find out how and where to vote in your particular voting jurisdiction. (i.e., Eliminate logistical confusion about casting your ballot.)
So if you feel stuck in a state of "analysis paralysis" or logistical overwhelm about the upcoming election, you can use the tools below to get unstuck! 

Fast Path to Info on a Candidate or Ballot Measure 

My favorite, and fastest, way to get summary info on a candidate or a ballot measure is to simply Google it, asking about supporters, endorsers and funders. I use Google search queries like these:

  • "Who is supporting [candidate, ballot measure, etc.]?... Why?"
  • "What organizations or people are endorsing [candidate, ballot measure, etc.]?... Why?"
  • "Who are the major funders behind [candidate, ballot measure, etc.]?... Why?"
To find out a particular candidate's vision, values and track record I use search queries like these:
  • "What are [candidate's name] overall policies and areas of advocacy?"
  • "What is [candidate's name] track record regarding [a specific policy or issue]?"
  • "What are [candidate's name] specific proposals regarding [a specific policy or issue]?"

Your Google search will likely produce brief, rapid answers to your questions and help you create your personal "Cliff's Notes" summary to help you make your voting decisions.

Fast Path to Info on How and Where to Vote

Check Vote.org.

If you have a specific voting-related task you want to accomplish, Vote.org can help! They provide single-click access, directly from their home page, to help you: 

  • Check your registration.
  • Register to vote.
  • Vote by mail.
  • Get election reminders.
  • Pledge to register.
  • Find early voting locations.
  • Locate your polling place.
  • Locate a dropbox.
  • Track your ballot application.

Ready to vote blue? 

Are you ready and eager to vote your liberal or progressive conscience, but baffled by a zillion choices (some familiar, some obscure) on your ballot? If you're lucky enough to live in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, or Wisconsin you have a very cool tool, the Blue Voter Guide, to help you sort through all those choices! From their website: 
"Blue Voter Guide makes voting easy by clearly showing the endorsements of a wide range of progressive organizations. Blue Voter Guide will show your ballot for all national offices, all statewide offices and ballot measures, and your state legislators. If you live in a large population county or in a state capitol, you’ll see local races as well... Our data is sourced from a neutral, non-partisan not-for-profit organization focused on politics and policy, which exclusively relies on official information." -- from About The Blue Voter Guide

The Guide will help you evaluate candidates, judges, and propositions and then create your personal guide to help you fill out your mail-in ballot or take with you into the voting booth and then share with friends & family and on social media.

Not quite ready? Maybe need a nudge or some simple tools? 

Okay... So maybe you're not quite feeling motivated or you're looking for that extra nudge or some simple tools to get your voting process started. Here's a 2018 article from the archives that includes a fun and inspirational video (only 4 minutes!) from then-President Obama, some quick motivational quotes from others, followed by tools and lots of links to help you simplify the process of voting. 

Check it out, follow the simple instructions, use the tools, then submit your ballot!

Go to article & tools:
VOTE! Why & How in 3 Simple Steps...

Now go vote!

That's it! You've got the tools & the info. Now just do it! And help save our democracy while taking control of your future.