Thursday, March 15, 2018

My Website Migration: And Then There Were Three

The One-Minute Version

All my new stuff is right here at ... WORTH SHARING
All my archived stuff is at ... PM Resources or 

I've closed down two websites ("The Best Free Training" & "Project Management FREEBIES") and I have frozen, but kept available in archived form, two websites ("Michael Greer's PM Resources" & "Inspired Project Teams (archived as "INSPIRATIONS"). I will continue to publish all my new articles, PDFs, podcasts, videos, etc. here at this website, Mike Greer's WORTH SHARING.

Click below to check out my other two sites: 

Go to Michael Greer's PM Resources Archives

Go to INSPIRATIONS... archives.

The Extended Version: Of Hackers & My Quest for Quality of Life

I published my first website, Michael Greer's PM Resources, in 1999. It was essentially an online company brochure, publicizing my consulting business & books. But it was also a place where I could share links to free PM (project management) tools and info. 

As my PM interests grew, I added another site, "Inspired Project Teams," that focused on the inspirational and motivational side of project management. Through that site I published podcasts, matching exercises, videos & other tools to help project managers get the best from their teams. 

Somewhere along the way, my background in instructional design and development kicked in and led me to build "The Best Free Training," where I shared reviews of, and links to, free training and educational materials. Finally, when I discovered that it was so much fun to share links & reviews of free stuff, I launched "Project Management FREEBIES" and shared links to hundreds of free PM tools and training and references from publishers all over the web.

But the truth is, I'm just one guy! And while building these sites was fun, maintaining all of them was a lot of work. So, in an effort to cut back and upgrade my quality of life, in 2012 I effectively parked these sites and launched a new site, "Mike Greer's WORTH SHARING," with two goals: 1) Write about anything I felt was, well, worth sharing! ... and 2) Reduce the amount of writing and deadlines I had to meet.  

The good news: Through the WORTH SHARING site, I've met both these goals. I've investigated and shared info about all kinds of stuff, from apps that track air quality to great new project management books to political activist tools, health-related stuff and lots more. And by focusing on only one site, my writing load (and quality of life) has been greatly reduced.  

The bad news:  Hackers. Like all website publishers, I have been continuously assaulted by scum bags who produce nothing, but who relentlessly pound on and worm their ways in to inject websites with links to porn, fraudulent products, endless Viagra-for-cheap, Russian-women-for-"dating" scams and on and on... It became too much work to fend off these attacks! In recent months I had been spending significant chunks of time every single day doing nothing but working with costly website-cleaning services, managing defensive security plugins, tracing (and blocking) the IP addresses of these jackasses, etc.  This was decidedly NOT fun!!

Finally, I'd had enough. A couple of months ago I decided to streamline things, pack up my sites, leave my less-than-secure commercial host (BlueHost) and do my blogging within the welcoming confines of Google's giant, safe Blogger website platform. 

In a nutshell, I closed down two sites ("The Best Free Training" & "Project Management FREEBIES"), then re-organized and archived two other sites: "Michael Greer's PM Resources" and "Inspired Project Teams." 

So Now It's Down to One: Just the Stuff That is "WORTH SHARING"

All my new articles, podcasts, PDFs, videos, etc. will be published exclusively through this site, Mike Greer's WORTH SHARING.  And as you can see from the List of Blog Posts at This Site, the topics are wide ranging!

This site, my "WORTH SHARING" collection,
will always have my 
latest stuff, including thought-
and useful articles, podcasts,
tools, worksheets, links, & more!

Two Sites Archived: Thousands of Items & Links to Explore!

At my PM Resources Archives you'll find lots of free stuff, including Project Management-oriented blog posts, worksheets, checklists, tools, podcasts, videos, as well as links to my journal articles and books. In addition, you'll find an entire collection of materials on Project Management Minimalism and managing Instructional Design & Development projects. You can check it out here

Check out my "PM Resources Archives" for LOADS
of Project Management tools, videos, links & more!

At my INSPIRATIONS... site you'll find lots of materials to inspire yourself or your project team to "optimize your attitude" and "maximize your results."  Specifically, you'll find inspirational podcasts with matching performance-based exercises, videos, articles and other "odds and ends" that can help bring you peace of mind and greater productivity. And if you want to, you can download the humongous (and FREE) "Inspired Project Teams Coaching Guide (58-pages & 5 hours of audio)  You can check out the INSPIRATIONS... website here.

archived collection of podcasts, exercises & more!

Two Sites Closed: Gone But Not Forgotten!

Finally, I regret that after many hundreds of articles with thousands of links to useful free stuff, I am suspending publication of my websites Project Management Freebies & The Best Free Training.  If you are looking for something that you might have seen published at either of these sites, email me at pm.minimalist [at] and I'll see if I can locate it for you.

RIP: Project Management FREEBIES

RIP: The Best Free Training