Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Inspirations: An Archived Collection to Motivate & Bring Peace of Mind

Beyond Project Teams:
A Collection of Inspirations for Everyone

This month I've begun working in earnest toward the goal I set nearly 5 years ago with the birth of this website, WORTH SHARING. I've begun the formal archiving of all my legacy websites.

First to be wrapped up: my Inspired Project Teams collection. The podcasts and matching exercises presented at this site were always a bit too expansive for their nominal use as tools for project teams. While they certainly support project teams, they are also well-suited to encouraging the personal growth and peace of mind of any individual. Drawing on the wisdom of so many great philosophers and psychologists, it's inevitable that this collection would transcend the practical, team-based performance tools that I typically create.

Which brings me to the name change:  Since this collection is filled with stuff that can inspire any individual, whether they are part of a project team or not, I've decided to call it simply "INSPIRATIONS..."

For the record, I am under no illusions regarding the wisdom presented in these inspirations: It originated in minds much greater than mine. I am simply a curator.

In any case, I hope you enjoy this collection and that it helps you "optimize your attitude" and develop the kind of healthy perspectives that will ultimately "maximize your results" at work, at home and in the world at large. Enjoy!