Thursday, January 24, 2019

Two to Inspire: Find Your Mission & Start Creating!

Are you feeling like you've lost your creative edge? Are you wanting to break out of the doldrums? Here are a couple of archival blog posts that can help. The first is all about finding your unique mission and leveraging it. And the second will hook you up with some practical tools to help you get your creative juices flowing and capture the results of your innate brilliance Enjoy!

(Note: Each of these posts includes links to more resources to get you up and running.)

Find Your Mission

Spoiler: So what's the lesson from the humble pelican? You can't spend all day waddling around, ignoring and wasting your unique talents. You have to listen to your heart, find your mission and soar!  Click here to learn more, see the photo collection & find the video.

Making It Real: Apps for the Creative Genius in You

In this article, I share my favorite free, cross-platform apps and tools to automate the creative-insight-capturing techniques recommended in my book. And you can have all these tools available to you 24/7, on your smart phone, tablet, and computer.