Friday, February 23, 2018

Quick-Reference PDF: A Dozen Free Google Apps to Keep Your Family or Team Organized

Okay. I admit it. I crammed my previous two articles (A Dozen Free Google Apps…) with a ton of info!  And I suspect that after you read all that stuff, your next step might be to go back and sort through the apps to figure out which would be most useful for your family or team. To help you keep them all straight, I’ve created a quick-reference summary you can use and maybe share and discuss with your group. Click here to get PDF.* Enjoy!
Click here to download the 5-page Summary PDF! *

Huh? What Articles?

In case you missed the articles (which included over 70 links to apps & resources & info!) here’s the backstory:
In Part 1 of the two-part series I described how your family or team might use Google’s Gmail, Calendar, Keep, Photos, Photo Scan, and Maps. 
In Part 2 of this series I took a closer look at Google’s Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and Contacts, as well as five bonus Google apps or services you might want to check out. 
This three-minute YouTube video introduces the articles:

* Fun Fact:  When you click on the link above to download that PDF you are actually going to my Google Drive account. So Google is hosting the document and sharing it with you, the public. What’s more, to prove that I practice what I preach, I created the PDF using Google’s Docs app and Google’s Drawings app. Then Google Docs saved it as a PDF, just for you. And all this was FREE!  Hope you find it useful!