Wednesday, December 29, 2021

In Case You Missed Them: Some Ideas “Worth Sharing” from the Past Couple of Years

My strategy for getting through the pandemic:
Research, create, share, repeat... & relax!  😁


These past couple of years have been difficult for us all, to say the least. [Insert your own pandemic-related miseries here as evidence.] If you’re like me, you’ve had to make a real effort to stay positive. And if we can’t always achieve the positive, then we can at least achieve a measure of sanity by doing the little things, and maybe a few big things, that keep us grounded. As a former trainer/consultant and author, I find that the act of creating and sharing something which has potential value for someone else provides meaning and a much-needed sense of purpose. Whether these creations are actually used and valued by anyone I can’t be sure. But I do know that the act of creating them puts me in touch with my muse or Source or whatever. And I felt much better as a result of making and releasing them.

Below are links to some items Worth Sharing that might have escaped your attention as you endured the last couple of years. Here you’ll find: 

  • Practical tools and info you can immediately use.

  • Mental health tools and encouragement (including a few audio podcasts) that can help you acquire perspective and get through these tough times.

  • Some moral and ethical challenges

  • Some links to the creations that I’d like to share as my legacy. (Almost all of these are absolutely free.)

I hope you find something valuable here. 

Practical Tools and Info

These aren't profound. They're just a collection of tips and tools you might find useful.

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Go to "Internet Archive: To Capture & Store..."

Mental Health Tools & Encouragement

Preserving our sanity through the pandemic has meant we’ve had to become introspective, face our inner crazies, and meet nervousness and fears head on. Below you’ll find some processes, tools, encouragement and perspectives that have helped me.

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Some Podcasts: Audio Pep Talks & Words of Encouragement from the Archives

Some Moral & Ethical Challenges

Some of the thorniest issues we faced in the last couple of years have forced some of us to step back and think about who we are -- and who we want to be. I tackled a few of these issues here:

Sharing My Legacy

Nothing has made me more aware of my own mortality than living through a period when (so far) over 800,000 of my fellow citizens have died. My “raised fist to the universe” in protest of my own physical mortality has been to try to assemble various collections of my works for posterity. If humanity survives, they’ll be around after I’m gone. Here they are:

Go to "Some New Graffiti on the Wall of the Universe: All My Stuff at Internet Archive"